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Stand der Technik State of the art. Until now were for hydration, firming and care of skin, used for the treatment of dermatoses, sunburn and general wounds fatty creams and tinctures or talc-containing powder.

Technisches Gebiet Technical field. Click at this page der neuen Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess soll aufgezeigt werden, dass mit Hilfe der neuartigen Wasser- Elektrolysetechnologie unter Verwendung von elektrolysiertem neutralem Elektrolyse- Wasser pH 7.

Disinfection trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess care of skin, for the treatment of dermatoses, sunburn and general wounds is eminently suitable. Darstellung der Erfindung Summary of the Invention. Water destroys microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoa by oxidative radicals not chemically but physically.

Wasser" die Zellwand-Membranen von Pathogenen. Water "the cell wall membranes of pathogens. The trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess is compromised, leading to osmotic or hydrogenic overload in the cell interior.

The damaged cell membranes permit an increased water transfer between the cell membranes, which leads to a hydrogenic flooding of the cells, and they are filled trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess than the cells can get rid of the water.

This situation leads to a bursting of the cells, respectively to cell death trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess pathogenic pressure explosion in a few seconds. Since it is a physical destruction principle, resulting demonstrably no resistance in pathogens. Simultaneously, the water molecule clusters that make up water are split by 14bisl8 please click for source certain cases to 60 molecules per cluster to 3 molecules electrochemically, resulting in a fold improved cell membrane absorption.

Example of an electrolysis with zinc iodide - Solution. Electrode material as desired: By connecting two metal plates electrodes or boron-doped diamond electrodes, each with a cable and a device, the DC generated as a battery or a rectifier - and transferred these platelets trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess a beaker containing aqueous solution Any ions and then applies a voltage so forms at two metal plates a substance whose ions are present in the solution.

The voltage source causes an electron deficiency in the positive terminal anode trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess electrode and an excess of electrons in the other, to the negative cathode electrode connected.

The aqueous solution between the cathode and methyluracil trophischen Geschwüren contains electrolytes, which are positive or negatively charged ions. Die positiv geladenen Kationen in einer Elektrolysezelle wandern durch das Anlegen einer Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess zur trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess geladenen Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess Anziehung entgegen gesetzter The positively charged cations in an electrolytic cell migrate through the application of a voltage to the negatively charged cathode attraction of opposite.

An der Kathode nehmen sie ein oder mehrere Elektronen auf und werden dadurch trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess. At the cathode, they take one or more electrons and are thus reduced. At the anode, the opposite process occurs. There enter the negatively charged anions from electrons, ie they are oxidized.

Die Zahl der durch die Reduktion an der Kathode verbrauchten Elektronen entspricht den von der Anode The number of trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess by the reduction at the cathode from the anode electrons corresponds to the.

In the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chloride solution, the same volume of hydrogen gas such as chlorine gas. In the electrolysis of water trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess produced twice as much hydrogen gas as oxygen gas, because the two positively charged protons of water molecules to the cathode migrate and there must accept an electron in order to build hydrogen, while the double negatively charged oxygen anion must sign at the anode two electronsto connect to the oxygen molecule.

Salt solutions is also called the decomposition voltage. This voltage or a higher voltage must be created so that the electrolysis takes place at all. For each substance, for any conversion of ions to two or polyatomic molecules, the decomposition voltage, the deposition potential can be determined on the basis of the redox potential.

Metal continue reading in acid or to Salbe zur venösen decomposition voltage by alteration of pH. Anionic species that may be oxidized, first come those for the course, which as close to the voltage zero, ie have a weaker positive redox potential in the redox series.

Normally produced in the electrolysis of aqueous NaCl at the anode oxygen and thus not chlorine. After Faraday the weight of a substance electrolytically formed is proportional to the current flowed amount current multiplied by time. With a current of 1 A between the electrodes forming thus lasts from 1 1. Due to kinetic inhibitions of electrodes is often requires a much higher voltage than can be calculated from the calculation of the redox potential.

Kurz nach Abschaltung einer Elektrolyse kann man mit einem Amperemeter einen Stromausschlag in die andere Richtung feststellen. Shortly after shutdown of electrolysis can be established with an ammeter current trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess in the opposite trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess. In dieser kurzen Phase setzt der umgekehrte Prozess der Elektrolyse, die Bildung trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess galvanischen Zelle ein.

In this brief phase of the reverse process of electrolysis, the formation of a galvanic cell uses. Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess principle is used in fuel cells. If one forces by electrolysis a separation of individual molecules or bonds, simultaneously go here a galvanic element that counteracts the voltage of the electrolysis.

Diese Spannung wird auch als Polarisationsspannung bezeichnet. This voltage is also called polarization voltage. For absorption through the cell membrane increased to the 2- to 3-fold. Zudem wird das Wasser beim Elektrolyse-Prozess leicht alkalisch. In addition, the at the electrolysis process is slightly alkaline.

Hydrogen are being link and therefore OH - ions remain raise the pH. For this reason, the acid capacity rises to click 4.

There are few anode electrodes that stay within during electrolysis - so do not go into solution. Boron doped diamond full, the newest material that did not dissolve during electrolysis. Hemmungserscheinungen an der Anode, die bei der Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess zu einer Inhibition phenomena at the anode, the a in the formation of oxygen to. Bei diesen entsteht bei der Overvoltage: These results from the. Electrolysis of aqueous saline please click for source instead of oxygen.

At zinc, lead 0. Hydrogen protons a significant surge trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess the formation of hydrogen occurs only at a much higher voltage. Wasserstoff an der Quecksilberkathode, in der das Natrium als Amalgam gebunden wird und daher dem Gleichgewicht entzogen w ird, nutzt man zur technischen Hydrogen at the mercury cathode, in which the sodium is bound as amalgam and thus trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess Foto Krampf the equilibrium w ill, one uses the technical.

Production of sodium hydroxide solution. There is a tremendous surge at this electrode in the formation of hydrogen changes the redox series and takes hydrogen protons are hiking sodium cations for mercury cathode.

Elektrolyse von Wasser Electrolysis of water. Die Elektrolyse von Wasser besteht aus zwei Teilreaktionen, die an den beiden The electrolysis of water des Störungen Blutflusses two half reactions, both at the.

Die Elektroden tauchen in Wasser ein, welches durch vorhandene mineralische Ionen gering leitend gemacht wird, wobei dann Sauerstoff gewonnen wird. The electrodes are immersed in water, which is made low conductive by existing mineral ions, then oxygen is obtained.

This produces hydrogen atoms with another, caused by reduction H - unite atom to a hydrogen molecule. That remains is water molecules trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess 2- and 3-molecular clusters form. The deposited, gaseous hydrogen rises to at the cathode. Zur positiv geladenen Elektrode Anode wandern die negativgeladenen Trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess Ionen.

To the positively charged electrode anodethe negatively charged hydroxide ions migrate. Each hydroxide ion transfers an electron to the positive pole, so please click for source oxygen atoms are formed which combine to form oxygen molecules.

Auch hier steigt der abgeschiedene Sauerstoff als farbloses Gas an der Anode auf. Again, the deposited oxygen increases at the anode as a colorless gas. Die Gesamtreaktionsgleichung der Elektrolyse von Wasser lautet: The overall reaction equation for the electrolysis of water are: The subject on the left side of hydronium and hydroxide ions are taken from the Autoprotolyse of trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess One can the electrolysis equation therefore also be written as follows: Das Hydroxidion ist ein negativ geladenes Ion, das trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess, wenn Basen mit Wasser reagieren.

The hydroxide ion is a negatively charged ion, which is formed when bases react with water. Seine chemische Formel trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess OH. Its chemical formula is OH. Eine allgemeine Base B reagiert nach folgendem Schema mit Wasser: Visit web page general base B reacts with water according to the scheme: Based on the concentration of the hydroxide may be used to determine the pH of the resulting trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess. Dazu berechnet man erst den so genannten pOH-Wert.

For this we calculate only the so-called p OH value. Und daraus den pH-Wert: And therefrom the pH: Zu jeder Temperatur gibt es jeweils ein k. This trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess connected with the Autoprotolyse the water by the following equation together: In Japan ist Elektrolysewasser als Lebensmittelzusatzstoff bewilligt.

In Japan electrolyzed water is approved as a food additive. With the new invention is to show that using a novel electrolysis technology and the use of electrolyzed water manufactured with boron doped Volldiamant- electrodes or platinum-titanium powders or chemically stable, mixed metallic electrodes with an electrical overpotential, by means of electrochemical separation water molecule clusters of molecules to molecules that Hydratationspotential of water for trophische Geschwür Heilungsprozess penetration by 3 can be increased to 4 times.

This has the consequence that skin wounds or tissue from burns can be rehydrated much better and faster, because the water molecules are much smaller and cell membranes can happen more quickly by osmotic forces. Because thanks to the electric overpotential of boron doped diamond electrodes in the electrolysis of water are free electrons is manifested on contact with skin tissue a so-called electrical micro-stimulation in the skin or wound cells, leading to increased cell metabolism and thus the regeneration and healing process of tissues accelerated by twice.

Wunden heilen somit in der Praxis nahen Anwendung durchschnittlich um das Doppelte schneller! Wounds heal thus an average of twice faster in practice close application! Hypo-Chloride, Chloride Hypo-acid and other peroxides, such as, peroxydisulfates, peroxydicarbonates, singlet oxygen, and hydroxide radicals etc. From the ions of please click for source minerals in the water and by adding NaCl sodium chloride is preferably 5 g per liter, in the mix have an excellent biocidal activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, bacteriophages, and Monocygoten and can weave and cell membranes easily penetrate.

Here is an excellent disinfection performance without toxic residues or fat or Farbbestanteile results as the v orkommt many disinfection creams or tinctures.

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